Educational Services
Tutoring/Advanced Academic Enrichment; Diagnostic Testing; College Planning & Financial Aid; Test Preparation; Music Education; Adult Education; General Consulting

University Center School/Supplemental Education School Services

   Eastern Carolina Educational Assistance Centre and the DeLorge International University School for Advanced (3-12) Studies provide private academic enrichment courses to enhance student success in core subject areas in grades 3-12.  Our institution serves as a full-service supplemental education school specializing in providing research-based instruction in the areas of reading, mathematics, writing, science, social studies and foreign language in addition to offering instruction in the arts and career education.  Online and face to face classes are available. Students may elect to enroll in our private elementary, middle, or high school programs, or they may enroll in our K-12 supplemental education/college/university skills enhancement programs for undergraduate and graduate school education.

   Students participating in Eastern Carolina Educational Assistance Centre's academic skills proficiency program are provided with a firm foundation review of the basic concepts in reading, math and writing in a small group setting, generally no more than five students per teacher or teacher assistant.  Face to face and online class instruction will be taught and provided by either Dr. Gerold H. Jarmon or a designated, certified and/or qualified faculty member for grades 3 - 12. Teachers and teacher assistants may work with students using a comprehensive, research-based curriculum implemented by Dr. Jarmon and his faculty.  Accelerated programs are also available for high achievers and gifted and talented students.  The curriculum includes motivating lessons that will enhance the student's self-esteem as well as increasing student technology skills in order to compete with other 21st century students in our 21st century global society.

   Eastern Carolina Educational Assistance Centre's reading program focuses on enhancing a student's understanding in improving and applying reading skills based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.  Various scope and sequence skills in reading instruction are taught by Dr. Jarmon and his faculty in order  to increase student success in the areas of reading comprehension, vocabulary development, developing test taking strategies, and phonemic awareness development.  These skills are heavily concentrated on by faculty in order to increase the chances of students succeeding on state and national standardized test such as the  North Carolina End of Grade test / Common Core Standards testing,  the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, and the California Achievement Test. 

   In regards to mathematics instruction, concepts taught and reviewed during each session are also based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and supported by the National Council of Teachers in Mathematics.  The mathematics strands that our face to face and online program focuses on include understanding mathematics, computing mathematics, applying mathematics through problem solving, using reasoning skills to determine outcomes in problem solving and engaging students in performing at various levels of critical thinking. 

   Eastern Carolina Educational Assistance Centre's secondary program concentrates on providing the following supplemental education service in the following areas:

       1.  Mathematics (Algebra I, Algebra II, & Geometry)

       2.  Reading/Communications Skills

       3.  Foreign Language (Introductory Spanish)

       4.  Written Expression

       5.  General Science (Introductory Biology & Chemistry)

       6.  Computer Education

       7.  Arts and Career Education


 Diagnostic Educational Testing with Periodic Student Evaluation Services


All students attending the Eastern Carolina Educational Assistance Centre and the DeLorge International Centre School receive a diagnostic test assessment prior to beginning their individualized educational program as well as a post-test assessment at the end of the school year.  Areas for diagnostic testing include academic achievement include reading/language arts and mathematics.   For more information, please feel free to give us a call at  (252) 527-8600 or e-mail us at .  Parents of students participating in Eastern Carolina Educational Assistance Centre's supplemental education program may also receive either bi-weekly or monthly progress reports, newsletters, and invitations for parent conferences in order to receive updates on student progress and to stay abreast with current news and research data that applies to student achievement.   Parents may contact our DeLorge International Learning System's student services department at (252) 527-8600 or email us at in order to schedule an appointment to receive updated information regarding their child's academic progress in the agency's program. 


College Planning and Financial Aid Service

 Get the information you need for preparing and paying for college.  Eastern Carolina Educational Assistance Centre and DeLorge International Learning Systems specializes in finding the appropriate college or university compatible for your individual needs, objectives, and goals in education.  We offer student loans and provide research assistance in indentifying and applying for the scholarships and grants that you deserve.  Give us a call today at (252) 527-8600.   Our e-mail address is .   Don't delay in seeking educational opporutnities today!!


Test Preparation Services

Need help with preparing for a successful score for that standardized test for professional growth?  Give us a call at Eastern Carolina Educational Assistance Centre & DeLorge International Learning Systems.  We specialize in offering test preparation classes for students and adult in the following testing areas:

PSAT/SAT               GRE            PRAXIS I & II          MAT            GMAT         NAT

               ASVAB                Citizenship Test Preparation               DAT    

Give us at call at (252) 527-8600.  Let our friendly staff assist you in scheduling your test preparation session today!!


Music Education Studies

Have you always dreamed of playing the piano or organ?  Perhaps you have pictured yourself playing in a jazz or concert band.  Eastern Carolina Educational Assistance Centre & DeLorge International Learning Systems offers beginning and intermediate classes in music.  Students learn the theoretical principles and concepts associated with playing their favorite musical instrument in order to increase their music proficiency in keyboarding, strings, or playing various band instruments.  Give us a call today at (252) 527-8600 to schedule your private or group class session.


Adult Continuing Education Services/Higher Education

 Do you need assistance in completing the requirements for your GED or Adult High School Diploma?  Are you looking for educational or corporate training for your employees within your educational institution or company?  Give DeLorge International University Centre a call at (252) 527-8600 today.  We can provide the support services for obtaining your GED, high school diploma or your college degree.  Take advantage of Eastern Carolina Educational Assistance Centre's recommended list of distance education programs for college credit  in addition to obtaining a Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctoral degree in the following areas in education:

        Criminal Justice     Education       Business Administration     Nursing

          Library Science       Computer Science       General Administration  

Professional development seminars, short-term classes, and independent studies are available for C.E.U. Credit. Give us a call to schedule an appointment to arrange your research-based professional development activity in order ot maintain state, federal, or local certification or licensure in your chosen occupational career.


Attention Prospective & Active Educators!!

Visit our Teacher/Educational Human Resources page for adult education resources; training & development opportunities; and college degree programs. Designed specifically to meet the requirements for President Bush's "No Child Left Behind" legislation.   Click  this website's "HR Teacher Services" icon for more information on training and development services and college degree programs.


General Consultations

     General consultations are available for children and adults ranging from boarding school selection to assisting in preparing a thesis or dissertation for a graduate degree.  Give us a call today for assistance in meeting your educational needs in order to reach that ultimate goal in life. 

For more information and a class schedule, please call our office at (252) 527-8600 or e-mail us at